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Forbidden Friendship

 Finding the Facts Behind the Historical Fiction

Ms. Austin's Fourth Grade Class
Gabriel Abbott Memorial School
Florida, Massachusetts 01247

WHERE did all this take place?

Just as the book, Forbidden Friendship, indicates, the first Chinese immigrants to come to the east coast of the United States of America as strike breakers, came to North Adams, Massachusetts. Below are some maps that helped us conduct our research. Just click on the thumbnail copy to see the full size map. Just click on the back arrow to return to this page. If you would like to enlarge a map click on the icon on the lower right hand corner.



1. United States of America






Map 2. Northeast Region


Map 3. Massachusetts


Map 4. Western Massachusetts


Map 5. North Adams, Massachusetts, 1881



Map 6. North Adams, 1840





Map 7. North Adams, 1890

Map 8. View of Main Street, North Adams, 1890


Map 9. 1901 Insurance Maps of North Adams

Map 10. 1870 North Adams

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