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Forbidden Friendship

 Finding the Facts Behind the Historical Fiction

Ms. Austin's Fourth Grade Class
Gabriel Abbott Memorial School
Florida, Massachusetts 01247

WHEN did all this happen?

We decided we needed a timeline to show others what was happening in the rest of the world while this event was taking place in North Adams. Just click on the date of each event to learn more. Below the timeline we've included links to some other timelines dealing with immigration.







Text Box: Timeline of Chinese-American Immigration
1800 - 1965
1749 - The township that would someday become North Adams, Massachusetts was explored and surveyed.

1795--Naturalization Act restricts citizenship to "free white persons" who reside in the United States for five years and renounce their allegiance to their former country.

1848 --The discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill starts the California gold rush. This brings many people from all over the world including Chinese.

1849--California Gold Rush spurs immigration from China.

1864--Thousands of Chinese men, the vast majority from Kwangtung Province in southeastern China, are Recruited by Central Pacific Railroad Co. for work on the western portion of the first transcontinental railroad.
1867--2,000 Chinese railroad workers stage a one week strike.

1868--Burlingame-Seward Treaty is enacted.

California passes a law against the importation of Chinese, Japanese, and "Mongolian" women for the purpose of prostitution.

1870 --Chinese immigrants arrive in North Adams, MA to replace striking show factory workers.

1880--US and China sign treaty giving the US the right to limit but "not absolutely prohibit" Chinese immigration. California's Civil Code passes anti-miscegenation law.

1882--The Chinese Exclusion Act is passed by Congress. Further immigration of Chinese laborers is suspended. Chinese residents are denied of rights to become naturalized U.S. Citizens.

1885--Alien Contract Labor Law bars prohibited any company or individual from bringing foreigners into the United States under contract to perform labor here. The only exceptions are those who were brought to do domestic service and skilled workmen who should be needed here to help establish some new trade or industry.

1892--Ellis Island opens; serves as processing center for 12 million immigrants over the next 30 years.

1900--San Francisco Chinatown quarantined during bubonic plague scare.

1902--Chinese exclusion extended for another 10 years.

1943--The Chinese Exclusion Act is repealed. By the end of the 1940s, all restrictions on Asians acquiring U.S. citizenship are abolished. 

1957--Immigration and Nationality Act of 1957.

1965--Immigration Act of 1965.


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