Cafeteria Power

One of our goals is to provide nicely balanced nutritious meals for our students.

We offer a varied of breakfast daily with bagels being a choice on Mondays and Fridays. Also, for choices we have fresh fruit and assorted cereals that are available daily along with juice and milk (skim or 1%)


Along with every meal, we offer a vegetable on the menu. We do not fry any products.


We usually list a canned fruit with every meal, a selection of pears, pineapple chunks, peaches, fruit cocktail and apple sauce. We have a stocked fresh fruit basket also at every meal, Granny Smith and red apples, oranges and also sometimes seasonal or other varied fruit such as watermelon.

On occasion, we will sprinkle our offerings with cottage cheese, baby carrots, yogurt.

We take pride in our varied selections for your students to construct a pleasing nutritious meal for their lunch.