(Homework Club, Field Trips, Extended Care)

FIELD TRIPS 2019-2020

Abbott Memorial School offers many after school programs and activities for all students.


Abbott Memorial’s Extended Care Staff is committed to providing a safe, positive, and structured environment for all children in the program. Although the aftercare program is a different setting than the regular school day, appropriate student behavior is still expected. Please review the following rules and consequences that will guide the extended care program.


Show respect at all times.

Follow instructions by staff.

Refrain from damaging any school property.

Refrain from disruptive behavior, fighting, violence of any kind, and inappropriate language.


Abbott Memorial’s Extended Care will make effort to communicate with parents when a disciplinary action needs to be taken.

Please note that the first offense will result in a telephone call. The second offense will involve a school administrator meeting. The third offense will result in a permanent dismissal from the Extended Care Program.

It is important for students to understand the seriousness of behaving appropriately during before/after school care. Following Abbott Memorial School’s Extended Care Program expectations is essential for all students. Attendance in the extended care program is a privilege, not a right.

Program is available for children in 4 year old pre-school program and above.