Fun Learning Links

These pages has been posted to help both students and their families with skills and units taught in the sixth grade. Some sites are informational, others interactive, some teacher created, and some just plain fun. Just click on the subject matter and choose from an array of relevant activities. Have fun learning!

Here is a new link to The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We have been asked to review this site so check it out and let me know.

Cytolife – An online game of evolution

Another great overall science site is oLogy

Daily Moon Phase

Solar System Interactive Site


Brainpop – Build your Own Solar System

Astronomy Game

A Walk in the Woods

Leaf Snap

One Geology for Kids

Water Cycle

Types of Scientists

Famous Scientists

Biographies for Kids

Scientist Biographies

The Seedy Side of Plants

The Great Plant Escape Game


Photosynthesis Game



Animal Characteristics Game

Time for Kids

Biomes Facts for Kids

Kids Discover Biomes

Kids Do Ecology Biomes

World Biomes

Simple Machines

Geological Time Line

Geological Time Scale

Geological Time Line Gameboard

Rock Collecting

Ms. Austin’s Weather Site – Learn everything you ever wanted to know about weather, complete with links to games and a local weather forecast.

Weather Balloons

Ms. Austin’s Monarch Butterfly Site – Use this site to reinforce and add to what we learn about monarch’s in class.

Journey North – Help track monarchs on their migration to Mexico.

Fun with Worms

Worm Game

Fun with Calculators


Inner Body provides in-depth coverage of ten body systems. It includes clickable body diagrams with many components of each body system.

All Systems Go!

Writing a Persuasive Essay

Estuary Tutorial


Plants and Animals of an Estuary

Another Watershed Site

Deerfield River Watershed Association

The Deerfield River Watershed

The Story of Stuff – scroll down to the video and watch it!

The Carbon Cycle Game

Habitat Games

Animal Habitat Game

Photosynthesis Explanation

Build a Biome

World Biomes

Biomes of the World

Environmental Science Games

EcoKids Environmental Games

Leaf Snap

What is a tree?

Dr. Arbor Talks Trees

Facts About the Moon

Fun Way to Learn about Scale

New Scientist Incredibly rich website available in different levels of information for parents, teens, and kids, that addresses EVERYTHING you wanted to know and possibly don’t want to talk about regarding our physical, social, and emotional health.

BBC – KS2 Bitesize: Science

Exploring Earth

Building Big

The Atom

Your weight on other worlds

Galileo: His Experiments

National Grid’s Ethics Explorer – This site offers information with the goal of helping students take positive action in the areas of safety, energy efficiency, ethics, and the environment.


Electricity Interactive Games

Kids Energy Page

Going Greeny

Energy Star Kids

US Energy Kids

National Geographic Lightening Page

Rocks for Kids

Rock Hounds

Junior Rockhounds

Geology for Kids

Geology Sciencekids