Local History

Welcome to Ms. Austin’s Local History page with links to websites and projects designed by students from Gabriel Abbott Memorial School. These sites are used by students and scholars who want to learn more about our local history.

This page will continually be updated with student projects, samples of students’ work, photographs, and artwork.

2009 – Thanks to a grant from Emerging America/Teaching and Learning American History students read the historical fiction, Forbidden Friendship, and then using primary documents, were able to find out the real facts behind the fiction: Forbidden Friendship

2010 – Thanks to another grant from Teaching American History students worked with local historians to create the following web site on the Mohawk Trail: The Long and Winding Road

2011- 2012 Entitled Tales from the Trail: Four Centuries of Travels Along the Mohawk Trail students from grades fourth through eighth worked with local historians, with support from the Teaching American History: Windows on History, produced a 90 minute documentary on the connection between the history of the Mohawk Trail and the history of transportation in the United States.

For more on our local history chekc out these sites: