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The Eastern Summit

By Haley B. And Haley W.

The Eastern Summit is located on the Mohawk Trail on the eastern slope of the Hoosac Mountain in the town of Florida, Massachusetts. The Eastern Summit has this name because it is located 1,060 feet over the famous Hoosac Tunnel on the eastern side of the Hoosac Mountain. Famous for its wonderful view, a gift shop and cabins were built here in the 1940’s to offer business to the large amount of traffic traveling the Mohawk Trail.

The Lenhoff family of North Adams helped build the Eastern Summit which use to be called the Trail Top Inn. The Eastern Summit consisted of 13 all electric rooms and a gift shop and observation tower. Today the Eastern Summit Gift Shop is still open and a few of the cabins are still standing, but have been abandoned. It is sad that the Eastern Summit does not have all the business it had in the past when the Mohawk Trail was used as a vacation destination rather than just another road connecting Greenfield to North Adams. The views are still spectacular, especially in the autumn. Check out some more pictures of the Eastern Summit!