Hairpin Turn

By Robert C. and Tyler P.

Wow, we just crossed from North Adams to Clarksburg right in the middle of a turn! This turn is called the Hairpin Turn.

It is a steep turn half way up the Western Slope of the Mohawk Tail, in western Mass. This turn is shaped like an U. The hairpin turn was built in the 1900’s. The Dutch and English settlers created this sharp turn by blasting out the rock wall. They also carved the roadway out of the mountain.

The Hairpin Turn is one of the famous stops on the Mohawk Trail. In the middle of the turn you will find the “Golden Eagle Restaurant”. In the past the restaurant was a little gift shop and tall lookout tower. Thousands of visitors came for he spectacular views. The Hairpin Turn is very icy in winter causing many cars and trucks to go off the road. Tourists find the Hairpin Turn a great place to park their cars and view the valleys and rivers below. Tourists also come and view the amazing colors of the changing leaves in the fall.

In the early years the cars would over heat by the time they made it to the Hairpin Turn. By the 1920’s snowplowing began making it safer for cars to drive over the trail. Stanley Brown told us that, when he was young he helped build the Golden Eagle. Some other names for the famous Hairpin Turn have been Reverse Turn, Halfway Turn, The Loop, and The Horse Shoe curve.

From now on, whenever we drive over the Hairpin Turn we will think about all the history we learned!