North Adams

North Adams Center

by Brandy L.

North Adams is a town in western Massachusetts. It was first settled in 1740 and became part of Adams Massachusetts and was incorporated as a city in 1895. Here are some interesting facts about North Adams.

• North Adams used to be know as East Hoosuck

• The first annual town meeting was held on March 8th 1779

• The first mail and passenger line started in 1814 and ran between Greenfield and Albany

• On October 21 1882 there was an accident at Freight Yard where 35 workers in the tunnel were killed or hurt

• The North Adams hospital opened in 1885

• In April 1895 North Adams became a city

• Main Street in North Adams follows the original path of the Mohawk Trail

• At the top of Main Street is monument square with its soldiers monument, this was dedicated on the Fourth of July 1878

North Adams is famous for the Mohawk Trail and all the shops on Main Street. I like North Adams because it is famous for many things, like near Price Chopper there is a piece of history that was part of Fort Massachusetts which is still there today. My favorite part of the center of North Adams is the Mohawk Theater; it has been there for awhile and looks very nice on Main Street. Check out some of the pictures and postcards from the past.