Whitcomb Summit


by Cassie C. and Krista F.

Have you ever wondered what the huge building complex located on the highest point of the Mohawk Trail is? Well, that is the Whitcomb Summit and it has been there for over 100 years and is more famous then most people think!

The Whitcomb Summit is located in Florida, Massachusetts. Do you know where the Whitcomb Summit got its name? Most people don’t – but we got this information from our research and found out it got its name from its first owners – the Whitcomb Family.

The Whitcomb Summit was first built in 1914, shortly after the Mohawk Trail was constructed, by Charles Canedy on the original Whitcomb farmstead. It was just a little roadside stand with an observation tower that offered a view of four states; Massachusetts, Vermont, New York and New Hampshire. The Canedy family took advantage of the new automobile traffic and offered gifts, food, lodging and gasoline to the thousands of tourists driving by. Over the years the Whitcomb Summit expanded and becam the largest motel, cabin, gift shop, restaurant cmplex on the Trail.

The Whitcomb Summit was built as a popular spot for tourists, especially being the highest point on the Hoosac Mountian, at 2272 feet.

There is actually still an original cabin that Mr. Canedy built at today’s Whitcomb Summit. There were many gift shops along the trail in the early and mid 20th century, but today there are very few gift shops left. At the gift shops they sold many trinkets and little things to remember there trips to the Mohawk trail and the Whitcomb summit. The Canedy family claims that the Whitcomb Summit was “the largest souvenir and gift shop in America …with 25,000 gifts.” That’s a lot of souvenirs!

Today the Whitcomb Summit is still alive and well and operating as a motel and restaurant. They used to have a big pool with a high diving board that many people used to swim in but today the pool is closed and the high dive is gone . If you liked the sounds of this place you can still come for a visit someday. Oh! If you live near by go to their Sunday brunch or go there for regular lunch because if you ask us their french-fries are great and their spaghetti is superb! To see and learn more check out the graphics below or click on the Whitcomb Family History Book: On Top of the World

The Top of the World:The Whitcomb Family of Whitcomb Summit – courtesy of

A view of the Whitcomb Summit as seen today.